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Functional Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine

Meet The Founder of Restore Balance!

Sarah Speicher

Sarah is a Registered Dietitian Certified in Integrative and Functional Nutrition. With a background in clinical dietetics and lifestyle medicine, she offers private nutrition and lifestyle medicine counseling with an emphasis on gut health, anti-inflammatory lifestyle, pre-diabetes/diabetes prevention, support for cancer patients with current or history of cancer, pre-natal nutrition, auto-immune conditions such as celiac disease, weight loss and more. Sarah is dedicated and passionate about her work. She enjoys partnering with clients and providing guidance as they heal and move towards enjoying greater health.

“If you’ve tried it all and are still ‘stuck’ in your health journey, do not despair. Instead, let’s find your way forward together.”

How does the Integrative & Functional Nutrition Approach work?

The functional nutrition healing journey can be broken down into 4 key steps:


Discover root causes of compromised health


Reduce inflammation and correct imbalances by addressing root causes


Satisfy your unique biological needs  (via personalized nutrition and lifestyle medicine)


Enjoy vibrant health!

Working With Sarah

Most clients start with a 15 minute consult to ensure working with me, Sarah, is a good fit!

Then, I will recommend a program type that is right for your goals.

Your initial 60 minute appointment can be done in person or virtually, depending on the need. During your initial appointment, we will take the time necessary to understand your health story, goals, medical history and current lifestyle habits in order to create a comprehensive plan of action that is just right for YOU. Functional Medicine testing and/or dietary supplements may be recommended as needed.


Sara’s Success

“When I first met with Sarah Speicher I was unhappy with my weight and basically unable to eat much without pain, discomfort and bloating. I felt stuck and feared that soon there wouldn’t be anything left that my stomach would tolerate. Sarah listened to everything I said, asked questions until she fully understood my situation and then made a plan for me individually. She understood my concerns, educated me about the role of a healthy gut, recognized problems in my diet and made a plan that was specific to me. Sarah is easy to talk to and never made me feel rushed. I have already begun seeing improvements in every area I was concerned about and it’s only been a few weeks! I’m excited to see what the next few months will bring!!”

Kari’s Success

” I found out later on in my first pregnancy that I had gestational diabetes and because of that was not given much time to be able to get it managed by diet and exercise before they wanted to put me on insulin. Sarah was instrumental in helping me to quickly get on track and not only helped me be able to manage my gestational diabetes but also ensure I was getting enough nutrients and caloric intake for what the baby and I needed. I was so grateful to have found her and to be receiving that support in the midst of a stressful time and having that reassurance that I was getting the nutrients I needed. It made ALL the difference in a successful, confident and healthy last trimester!”

Suzzane’s Success

   “I began my health journey with Sarah after being diagnose and treated for breast cancer. I caught it early so I was fortunate, and Sarah has helped me get the nutrition and supplement support I need to offset my medications in cancer remission. Going over my meals with Sarah has helped me stay on track. I can honestly say I have not felt as good as I do now in several years! I highly recommend Sarah. She is very good at what she does and she cares about your well-being.”

Martha’s Success

“Working with Sarah has been very rewarding in ways I didn’t even anticipate and it just keeps getting better the more I continue this journey. Since starting with Sarah I have lost >20 lbs and am now able to buy the cloths I want to wear. Also! I am no longer considered a pre-diabetic (my A1c went from 6.2% to 5.5%, over the course of our 3 month program together!). In fact I didn’t even know I was a pre-diabetic before working with Sarah!! I still have weight to loose, but I feel so much better and less heavy. This is most likely due to less inflammation in my body. I have physical problems that I will always have and that sometime effect my progress, but Sarah just guides me through it. She is so patient and understanding. I have really gained a lot from this program and hope to become more compliant as I continue. There is still so much to learn and improve on!

I feel so much better and now look forward to accomplishing everyday tasks and hobbies again! My heartfelt thanks to Sarah. I look forward to continuing our journey together. ”

Geoff’s Success

“Sarah helped me find the reason I have slowly been gaining weight, and also provided research-based articles on healthy diets. As a result of implementing her suggestions, my nutrition has improved, I feel healthier, and I have lost a noticeable amount of weight in four months.”

Tina’s Success

“I have been working with Sarah regarding my digestive health and ability to heal my gut and physical issues through food and nutrition.  Prior to this venture, I was experiencing inflammation in my body. My joints were achy and stuff and my stomach was constantly bloated. I was also suffering from fatigue and lack of energy. Within a very short amount of time (2-3 weeks) I started to notice a difference. My energy was better, my strength coming back and my gut was feeling a bit better. By six weeks, I was an entirely different person. My bloating was gone and there was no pain in any of my joints. I have lost a total of 22 pounds and am feeling much better.

The opportunity to work with Sarah has taught me lifelong lessons. I understand my body and am able to ‘listen’ and feel what it is trying to tell me. I am able to use the tools she gave me to adjust my eating to heal myself. The information I have gained is invaluable. So grateful to Sarah!“

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